Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Highly productive, commercial cannabis cultivation operations requires intensive lighting coupled with demanding humidity and temperature control. Existing utility infrastructure may not have the capacity and security to satisfy these demands. Generating power on site gives one the security of electricity supply while utilizing the thermal and CO2 waste by products to economic benefit. With a cost efficient supply of natural gas, cogeneration can more reliably deliver power, heating, cooling, and CO2 more efficiently and less costly than sourcing independently. Cogeneration requires capital intensive infrastructure, but through the creation of utility purchasing contracts the cultivation operation can shave utility bills while freeing up capital for operations. Orion Power Group Cogeneration is compatible with both greenhouse and indoor cultivation. Let us show you why engine technology is the correct fit for either greenhouse  or indoor cultivation which has been deployed more than 1,000 times with growers worldwide.

Applications for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation include: Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation